Who can participate in a prelim?

Any Wyoming girl between the ages of birth and a Junior in High School. 

*If you don't reside in Wyoming, please check out Wyoming Fun Pageants. 

This is my first time. What should I expect?

We LOVE first timers! This is how we are able to share our love of WEM with others!  First off.... relax!  We are going to help you through this. :) Please be on time... If registration says 8:30am, registration will start at 8:30, but not before. (see below on what to bring to registration). After your child has registered, get her ready for interview (to save on time, we will be interviewing in casualwear). We are trying something new and will start one-on-one interview right away. Please let your child know that she will be asked her name, age, and where she is from.  From there, we will ask 1-3 very simple and age appropriate questions. (What games do you like to play? Who is your best friend?)  Parents of 0-4 will assist with interview. For those who cannot speak for themselves yet, the parent will tell judges about a new discovery the infant/toddler is making.

Casualwear is up next. After interview, there will be someone to show the girls how to walk the stage.  It is a simple T formation and X's will be on the stage to assist. Please let your child know in advance that she should take her time on stage so that the judges are able to see her. 

Once an entire division has competed, we will do collective judging. This is where all girls in one age division will go back on stage in a line. They will be asked to do things like smile/wave at the judges and turn around so that the judges can see the back of their outfits as well. 

After casualwear is Party Dress. There is always ample time to change, so please don't stress and feel rushed. We want this to be a fun time for both you and your child. 

After Party Dress, girls will get together onstage for a group photo. This is a fun time for the girls to have fun and relax with their new friends and it gives the judges a moment to see the girls just having fun. 

We conclude with awards.  EVERYONE will go home with at least a small award and goodie bag. The higher your child places, the bigger the crowns get. 

That's it. Fun and simple! When the pageant is over, we will have a group photo on stage. No matter how your daughter places, please let her know how proud of her you are!  It's scary to get up on stage in front of a group of people you don't know!  And SHE DID IT!!!! Celebrate this accomplishment.

After the pageant, please make sure you clean up around your area and take all your belongings with.  Staff will be cleaning up, but PLEASE feel free to approach any of us to ask any questions you might have about State. 

What do I need to bring to a prelim?

  • Interview - We will be interviewing in Casualwear outfits. 
  • Casualwear Outfit - A bit more than the everyday outfit. Think an outfit to make an impression. Examples are 'the first day of school outfit', 'picture day outfit', the outfit your child looks most adorable in.
  • Party Dress - Don't let this scare you. For a prelim, you can wear any dress including an Easter Dress, a Sunday Best Dress, or something fancier if you would like. Please make sure the child shines before the clothing.
  • Photo - 8x10 or smaller. Just the contestant in the photo (no pets or other people). No frames please. These WILL be returned. It is your responsibility to pick them up before you leave. Unfortunately, we do not mail these back if you forget them. 
  • 30 small Good Luck Gifts. These are a token of good luck to the other contestants. Please label your items who they are from. "Good Luck from Addie" "Have a great time today from Syrah" (examples: candy, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc)
  • Friends/Family to cheer your contestant on!!!!

What should I bring to registration?

  • Cash for registration. No checks will be accepted. 
  • Donation for People's Sweetheart. 
  • 8x10 or smaller photo (no frames)
  • 30 Good Luck Gifts

How do you judge?

First off... We believe ALL children are beautiful in the skin God made them!!!  However, this is a competition and a winner will need to be selected. We are looking for a child who wants to be on stage, makes eye contact with the judges, and likes to shine.  Select outfits that compliment your child and have them looking their best. We are a natural pageant and we want the child to look age appropriate. Even though we do allow age-appropriate make-up and fancy dresses, please let your daughter's natural beauty shine through. 

*We work with all levels of abilities, please don't hesitate to inform us of any special circumstances we need to be aware of. 

Can I bring friends to come watch?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Actually, we encourage it!  The more, the merrier!  There is no fee for friends/family to come watch and cheer on all the contestants. 


What is People's Sweetheart?

We love pageantry and want to share it with everyone!  That is why we created the People's Sweetheart fundraiser. Each contestant is asked to make a donation to People's Sweetheart. All monies donated will benefit children who would like to participate, but for whatever reason, cannot afford it. Now, for the fun part... Donating to People's Sweetheart is also voting for your favorite contestant. (yes, you can vote for your own child) $1/1 vote, $10/10 votes. You can vote as much as you want!  The one contestant with the most votes, will become People's Sweetheart!!! And will earn a rhinestone tiara, sash, and special gift! Friends and family can vote too!

Clothing and Attire:

-Attire- We have very few clothing guidelines as we want you to shine in what you feel beautiful in. All clothing must be age appropriate and in good taste.  

Rule of thumb... always make the contestant shine more than the outfit. When a contestant enters the stage, you want the focus on her, not her dress.